Partnering with Shareholders

Our corporate activities depend on our relationships with a wide range of stakeholders.
We place particular emphasis on communication and strive to build strong, positive relationships with stakeholders. The feedback we receive from employees and those outside the company is incorporated into our products, services, business activities, and management as we strive to increase our corporate value.

Partnering with Shareholders

Serving our Customers

Our motto is "the customer comes first," and we mean it. We do all that we can to provide finely tuned responses to the wide ranging needs of each of our customer.

Fair Trade Measures
As part of the Asahi Way, the Code of Conduct of the ARE Holdings Group prohibits any behavior that impedes fair competition, violates the confidentiality of supplier information and technology, or results in improper benefits. These rules are strictly enforced to ensure compliance with fair business practices and corporate ethics.
Quality Assurance System
At Asahi Pretec, quality assurance is positioned as the core department, and it works closely with the sales, technology development, and product manufacturing departments. It shares customer feedback and market trends with these departments and cooperates with them to improve customer satisfaction. In addition, the ARE Holdings Group maintains ISO 9001 certification to ensure that its products deliver satisfaction and peace of mind to customers. We strive to continuously improve our quality management system and maintain the highest quality possible.
Procurement Initiatives
Asahi Pretec, ASAHI METALFINE, and Japan Waste have established CSR Procurement Policy pertaining to the procurement of such secondary materials as chemicals and consumables used in its precious metals recycling and environmental protection businesses. The ARE Holdings Group promotes efforts to fulfill the company's social responsibilities and enhance corporate value for both suppliers and the Group through procurement activities emphasizing seven perspectives: environmental protections, quality management, fair trade, information security, risk management, social responsibility, human rights, and occupational health and safety.

Working with Communities

As an enterprise with business activities across Japan, the Group realizes that the understanding and support of local residents is indispensable. In order to maintain good relations with our neighbors, we are promoting various types of social contribution activities to benefit communities and the natural environment. We will continue to fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen and actively contribute to the development of an even healthier society.

Participating in Social Contribution Activities
The group has provided cooperation for the social project "TOOTH FAIRY," which is run with the cooperation of Nippon Foundation and Japan Dental Association. Some of the profits obtained from sales of recycled precious metals are made available as funds to assist the activities of these organizations.
We also support the nonprofit organizations Médecins du Monde Japon and Japan Cleft and Plate Foundation, which provide medical support activities.

Partnering with Shareholders and Investors

In order to meet the expectations of our shareholders and investors, we present our vision, management policy, and medium-term business plan in accessible way, and disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner. In addition, the Group is actively engaged in constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors, while aiming for sustainable growth and higher corporate value.

IR Activities
Management briefings are held twice a year after the announcement of the second quarter financial results and the annual financial results. In addition, we give individual interviews as an opportunity to directly explain financial information to institutional investors and securities analysts on a quarterly basis. We also disclose information fairly and broadly to all stakeholders in Japanese and English, using IR tools such as our website.
General Shareholder's Meeting
The regular general meeting of shareholders is held every June in Kobe and provides an opportunity to communicate with shareholders. Senior management responds directly to the questions and concerns of attendees, uses the feedback for management of the Group, and aims to make the meetings useful for shareholders.

Partnering with Employees

The Group actively supports social contribution activities undertaken by employees. It aims to create an environment that encourages all employees to take a broad interest in various social issues and contribute to society voluntarily. In addition, we are working to improve productivity by leveraging small group activities and building workplaces that satisfy employees.

ARE Holdings SDG Activities
ARE Holdings SDG Activities are those that employees perform independently, aside from their regular work, as members of society to contribute to the SDGs. In 2021, we launched the "Asahi Clean Project" to promote local cleanup activities by employees, and many of them are engaged in it. As a company, we encourage and support each employee to understand and practice the SDGs, which are global goals.
Asahi Small Group (ASG) Activities
ASG activities refers to small group activities that are carried out based on the active, voluntary participation of employees in the same workplace. These groups apply ingenuity to solve problems in the workplace. The groups that have made the most outstanding efforts are recognized at the Employee General Meeting.