ARE Holdings Group contribute to protect Earth's natural resources through business activities of precious metal recycling and environment preservation, in which activities we consume resources and energies meanwhile.
Setting our "Environmental Policies" to aim for minimizing environmental burdens, we pursue the environment-conscious operations in which an optimal balance can be achieved between environmental burden controls and generated economic values.
In addition, the Group encourages acquisition of ISO14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management, and works to reduce global environmental impact in accordance with this standard.

Environmental policies

We, ARE Holdings Group, will contribute to the environmental preservation of the earth and establish a sound material-cycle society through the company's businesses on recycling of precious and rare metals and industrial waste treatment.

In all business activities we will strive to conserve resources and energy and reduce, reuse, and recycle waste to minimize the environmental burden.
We will promote the recycling of resources of precious and rare metals to achieve a more effective use of the limited resources of the earth.
We will adequately and safely perform our operations for the collection, transportation, and treatment of industrial waste to prevent environmental pollution.
We will prioritize a harmonious coexistence with nature and regional communities. We will strictly follow the relevant environmental laws and regulations and other requirements which we recognize.
We will establish environmental objectives and targets and periodically review them to continue improving our activities.
We will educate all our employees and increase their environmental awareness as members of the community, promote their understanding of environmental preservation activities, and participate in such activities.

These environmental policies shall be conveyed to all of our employees and all those working for the company and announced to the public as our commitment.

Environmental Management Promotion System

Every year we develop Company-wide Environmental Goals based on our Environmental Policy, which sets out our environmental preservation philosophy.

According to the above-established purposes and goals, each ISO 14001 certified site in Japan develops its own Annual Environmental Goals and implements environmental preservation activities closely related to their business tasks. In addition, the Environment Committee of each site deliberates on such matters as compliance with environmental laws and regulations, revisions of plans and environmental education, and provides reports to management. While the ISO Office controls the environmental management system (EMS), an environmental preservation administrator is also assigned for each site in order to ensure thorough implementation of environmental initiatives.

Environmental management structure

Environmental management structure

In August 2018, we obtained ISO 14001 certification for our sites in Japan, including those at subsidiaries. As of September, 2023, we have achieved certification for 46 sites at 6 companies. Going forward, we will continue to focus on maintenance and improvement activities with an emphasis on extending certification to all sites.

ISO14001 Environmental Audits

Regular inspections are carried out on the state of compliance with specifications by an external examining authority for ISO14001 activities. Moreover, internal environmental audits are conducted at least once a year at business sites in order to ensure that EMS is being properly administered.

ISO14001 Environmental Audits

Environmental preservation activities by employees

We actively participate in cleaning activities in each region.