Risk management

To properly manage apparent and potential risks in business activities, we study risks from a comprehensive standpoint, against which assessment is performed and actions taken. We are working hard to prevent risks from arising and to minimize losses when risks develop into a crisis by carrying out risk management.


We consider compliance a priority issue in delivering fair business activities and ensuring legal compliance and high ethical standards. Particularly, operations related to appropriate processing of wastes are based on environmental laws and regulations as well as governmental licenses, and each and every employee is required always to act with a highly compliant mindset. We are conducting activities to raise the legal compliance awareness of each and every employee through education and mutual communication, along with rules and manuals related to compliance.

Internal Reporting System (Whistle-Blowing System)

To quickly identify and resolve problems such as unlawful and unjust behavior, we have set up the Asahi Hotline. All employee s in and outside of Japan can directly report to either an intern al desk or an external law firm anonymously. We take corrective actions to address the reported matters after investigation, without revealing the identity of the disclosing or disclosed parties.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Various factors such as large-scale disasters entail the risk of impairing the functions needed for business continuity. As an action plan to achieve quick restoration of mission-critical functions even after a disaster, we created a business continuity plan (BCP). In addition to the BCP, we are conducting systematic business continuity management activities to constantly improve the BCP and business continuity endeavors.

Information Security

The laptops and tablets used by the Group's sales force are equipped with the latest security measures. Even if a device is lost or stolen, the possibility of information leakage is virtually zero thanks to technology such as remote data wiping.

Avoiding All Interactions with Organized Crime and other Anti-social Forces

The following statement is part of our Corporate Governance Policies, and is understood by all our executives and employees. "We will never have any relationship, including business relationships, with anti-social forces which threaten the social order and sound corporate activities. In the event of an illegal request, we will take a firm attitude and respond to it organizationally in accordance with the law and internal rules."