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Message from the CEO

I would like to express our cordial appreciation for your continuous support and loyal patronage.

The company slogan under the 8th medium-term business plan is "Building a global company that pursues originality and growth." This three years' plan started in April 2018, also taking into perspective the five-year period through 2022, our 70th year in business. Goal image of the each segment is as a below.

In the precious metals business, we will not be limited to refining primary and secondary raw materials. Instead, our goal will be to produce high-value added goods and expand our operation into an integrated business. Furthermore, we will expand our business beyond Japan and North America, making "Asahi Brand" known all over the world.

In the environmental preservation business, we will establish "Asahi Brand" in Japan as a company contributing to society through various technologies of recycling materials and technologies of detoxifying hazardous materials.

In the life and health business, we will aim to expand our business by developing and marketing new products which meet the customers' needs and by building the unique business models. In addition, we will positively roll out our business overseas, using our high technology and quality to make "Asahi Brand" known to the world.

With a spirit driven to innovate and embrace challenge, we will continue to grow while overcoming changes in the business environment.

I look forward to your continued support of the Asahi Holdings Group.Thank you.

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