The 9th Medium-Term Business Plan [Fiscal 2022.3 through Fiscal 2024.3]

Basic Policy in the 9th Medium-term Business Plan

Building a global company that pursues originality and growth

  • 1.

    Reinforce the foundation for global growth

  • 2.

    Promote new human resource policies

  • 3.

    Strengthen Group risk management

  • 4.

    Contribute to the SDGs

Business Performance Target [FY2024.3]

  • Revenue:

    210 billion yen

  • Consolidated Operating Profit:

    27.5 billion yen

Shareholder Returns

We will strive to consistently pay dividends without decreasing the annual dividend level from the current level. Moreover, we aim to maintain a dividend payout ratio of 40%, while retaining sufficient internal reserves for capital investment and M&A for future growth.

Our performance targets are based on information currently available and certain assumptions that we believe are currently reasonable. Actual results may differ from those described above.

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