Top Message to our
shareholders and investors

Tomoya Higashiura

I would like to express our cordial appreciation for your continuous support.

We can see signs of recovery in the overall economic activity with the easing of restrictions related to COVID-19. On the other hand, amid the prolonged Russia's invasion of Ukraine and increasing economic sanctions against Russia, we are facing soaring costs of raw materials including energy and materials and sharp fluctuations in resource prices and exchange rates. Thus it is still difficult to predict changes in the business environment and outlook. Under such conditions, the Company has strived to control various risks and focused on measures to achieve mid- to long-term growth. Revenue and operating profit in FY2023.3 were 292.4 billion yen and 19.2 billion yen respectively, with year-end dividend decided to be 45 yen per share.

As of April 1 this year, we reorganized our group companies: "Asahi Pretec Corp." that operates a precious metal recycling business; "ASAHI METALFINE, Inc." that operates a precious metals refining and manufacturing/trading business; and "Japan Waste Corporation" that operates an environmental preservation business. We clarified responsibilities, rights, and business resources of these business companies to improve profitability, expand the business, and strengthen risk control.

In addition, we changed the company name to ARE Holdings, Inc. on July 1, 2023. The A in "ARE" stands for "Asahi," the R for "Resources," and the E for "Environment." It reads as A.R.E. Based on the Purpose of being "Totally Committed to the Protecting the Natural Environment and the Preserving Resources", we have promoted Environmental Preservation Business that take into consideration the recycling of resources and energy and Precious Metals Business with low environmental impact for many years. By changing company name to one with the Purpose engraved, we will clarify the significance of our existence and continue to move forward to "pursue financial shareholder value" and "solve social issues" to realize circular economy. I appreciate your continued support of our Group.

July 2023
Tomoya Higashiura
Representative Director, President & CEO