Top Message to our
shareholders and investors

Tomoya Higashiura

I would like to express our cordial appreciation for your continuous support.

The problem of COVID-19 has been dragging on, and there is no prospect of full containment in sight yet. Furthermore, the global security crisis as well as concerns about the sourcing of raw materials and fuel are growing in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. While the business environment is uncertain under such circumstances, the Company is continuing to grow as a leader in creating a circular economy that connects society to the environment through the two businesses of the Precious Metals business Business and the Environmental Preservation Business. With revenue of 192.4 billion yen and operating profit of 26.4 billion yen, we achieved a record high for the fifth consecutive year in the 13th fiscal term. The year-end dividend was decided to be 45 yen per share.

In the Precious Metals Business, we opened a new precious metals recycling plant fitted with cutting-edge equipment and technology in Bando-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture to enhance cost competitiveness and establish a highly sustainable business foundation. In North America, we are expanding the financial business and product business with the refining business as a base. In this way, we are steadily "reinforcing the foundation for global growth."

As for the Environmental Preservation Business, we are expanding consulting sales based on customer needs and providing optimal solutions in terms of appropriate disposal and CO2 reduction. In addition, we are launching a business aimed at reducing the environmental load from the overall industry and realizing a low-carbon society by digitalizing the management processes ranging from waste emission through disposal.

We transitioned to the Prime Market following the Tokyo Stock Exchange's market reclassification in April 2022. As a company listed on the Prime Market, we will endeavor to further improve our corporate value by proactively enhancing corporate governance and implementing sustainability initiatives. I appreciate your continued support for the Asahi Holdings Group.

May 2022
Tomoya Higashiura
Representative Director, President & CEO