Work-Life Balance and Diversity

While welcoming workplace diversity, the members of the ARE Holdings Group respect each other's individuality. We are engaged in various initiatives with the aim of creating inclusive workplaces where all employees can demonstrate their abilities.

Rest Intervals and No Late-Night Work
To ensure the health of employees, we have introduced a work system that requires a rest interval of at least 11 hours before an employee can return to work the next day. The level of achievement is also checked using the system, and the goal is to reach 100% compliance. In addition, with the exception of shift workers, employees are prevented from working during the late night hours of 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.
Women in the Workplace
We aim to be a company where female employees can succeed in the workplace and demonstrate their full potential. Round-table discussions are held for female executives and employees. Through these discussions, we are working to raise awareness of career opportunities and to make workplaces more supportive for women.
Employment of People with Disabilities
We will strive to create rewarding work opportunities for people with disabilities that will allow them to utilize their abilities and experience to participate in the workforce.
Work-Life Balance Support
We are working to create a supportive environment for employees who need time off work for family reasons, such as those expecting a baby, raising young children, or caring for a family member.
Employees can receive shortened work hours after maternity leave and up until the child graduates from elementary school, which goes beyond legal requirements. Our system also makes it easy for employees to take other legally mandated leave and allows them to adjust their work to their personal situation.

Health and Productivity Management

The ARE Holdings Group sets "Totally Committed to Protecting the Natural Environment and Preserving Resources" as its core mission and is contributing to solving social issues through business growth in a spirit of "Innovation and Challenge." We position that the physical and mental health of all employees, which serve as the driving force of our business activities, is a key management foundation and we are working on management challenges, such as group's sustainable growth, vitalization of organization and improving productivity, through promoting health and productivity management.

ARE Holdings Health Declaration

The ARE Holdings Group recognizes that every employeeʼs mental and physical health are assets to the company and is working to enhance corporate value by building healthy, productive workplaces.

Representative Director, President & CEO: Tomoya Higashiura

Promotion System

The President and CEO of ARE Holdings is responsible for Employee Health Management and, as a promotion organization, Human Resources Department is performing initiatives to maintain and enhance employees' health in cooperation with each of the relevant departments, committees, occupational physicians and insurers (Japan Health Insurance Association).

Main measures

  • Running a robust health exam program that exceeds legal requirements and practicing thorough mental and physical health management
  • Encouraging employees to understand the importance of their own health, and supporting them to maintain and promote their own health
  • Promoting work-style reforms with the aim of improving work-life balance
Robust Health Exam Program that Exceeds Legal Requirements
Starting at age 35, a gastroscopic examination is recommended for employees, and advanced medical checkups including brain MRI / MRA exams as well as PET scans are provided periodically starting at age 40.
We have been recognized by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a 2022 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization. This recognition is given to corporations that are promoting employee health management from a strategic business perspective.
Mental Health
Since good mental health is essential for improving employee productivity and vitality, employees are given individual consultation and other services by industrial physicians specialized in mental health. In addition, stress checks are given to all employees at all sites including workplaces with fewer than 50 people.
After the checks are carried out, we analyze the results for each site and make workplace improvements to promote even more supportive working environments.

Creating Safe Workplaces

Safety Management Using Vehicle Drive Recorders
Company sales vehicles are equipped with drive recorders, which record video and display warnings when dangerous driving (sudden braking, acceleration, or steering action) is detected. The obtained data is also used for driving evaluations of sales employees. We are working to reduce car accidents by raising driving safety awareness among employees.
Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) Initiatives
In order to reduce occupational accidents, it is necessary to minimize countless potential risks in the workplace. By using an Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) to perform risk management, we have established a series of safety management processes for ongoing health and safety management. The aim is to improve workplace health and safety levels. We will continue to focus on preventing serious accidents and disasters through accident prevention efforts and improved safety education, such as risk assessments and hazard prediction training.

Human Resource Development

With the aim of developing professional human resources who can operate at a global level, regardless of rank or occupation type, we have implemented our own qualification systems and internal education curriculums. In addition, we are striving to develop human resources who enjoy taking on challenges, using systems that fairly and impartially evaluate each employee's contribution to business performance.

Short-Term Business School Placement
This program allows employees to attend business school courses with students from other companies. The aim is to enable them to acquire practical management skills and expand their personal networks.
Asahi e-Learning
This is our own internal e-learning program, which is part of efforts to share in-house knowledge across the Group. By using teaching materials and content created by each department, the aim is for participants to deepen their knowledge of company rules and operations, while improving business skills.
Selective leader training
Employees selected from companies across the Group for leadership training gather for three days of training sessions focused on discussions with executives and lectures on critical thinking and leadership.