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(As of March 31, 2022)


192.4billion JPY
Operating Income
26.4billion JPY


Domestic Business Locations
Overseas Business Locations

Environmental Initiatives

CO2 Emissions from Energy Sources Compared to FY2015
Energy Consumption (Electlisity and Gasoline)
Down compared to the previous year
CO2 Emissions Reduction from Precious Metal Recycling
Cedar tree
Equal to 31.30 million trees

When CO2 savings are expressed as the amount of greenhouse gases absorbed by forests, it is equal to 18,411 hectares of forest (an area three out of ten the size of Lake Biwa)

Emissions reduction benefit
438,000 tons-CO2

Note: Calculation was based on the assumption that one cedar tree absorbs 14 kg of CO2 annually (Source: Forestry Agency of Japan), and 1,700 cedar trees are planted in an area of one ha.
The CO2 emissions reduction benefit from precious metal recycling by the Group is calculated as the emissions from its precious metals recycling deducted from the emissions that would have been produced by refining the same amount of precious metals from mined raw material. By expanding our precious metal recycling, we will also be indirectly contributing to CO2 emissions reduction.
(The CO2 emissions reduction fi gure does not indicate the level of emissions directly reduced by the Group.)


R&D Expenses
360 million JPY

Number of Employees

Percentage of female employees
Percentage of employees outside Japan

Work-life balance

Usage rate of Holidays for Refreshment*
(at least 3 days off)

Holidays for Refreshment is a system that allows employees, in principle, to take at least three days off as mental health days, for up to five consecutive days.
From FY 2020, our goal is for 100% of employees, in principle, to take at least three mental health days.
*mental health days