What is a Green Bond?

A Green Bond is a bond used to finance projects that have an environmental improvement impact (green projects) including measures to combat global warming and promote renewable energy. This will be the first Green Bond to be issued in the non-ferrous metal industry in Japan.

Purpose and background of Green Bond issuance

The Group operates in two business domains, the precious metal recycling business and the environmental preservation business, both of which contribute directly to the "resolution of the earth's sustainability," a social challenge on a global scale based on common credo of "A Total Commitment to Protecting the Natural Environment and Preserving Resources," The Company also launched the "Asahi Clean Project" to promote local cleanup activities by employees to encourage employees to actively engage in eco-conscious activities.

Recently, as part of the Group's sustainability management initiatives, the Company decided to issue a Green Bond to raise funds that would be required to introduce eco-friendly facilities and equipment. Moving forward, the Group will continue to launch initiatives aimed at the "resolution of the earth's sustainability."

Overview of Green Bond

Name Asahi Holdings Green Bond
Issue date March 31, 2020
Term of issuance 5 years
Amount to be issued 5 billion yen
Use of funds
  • 1.Renewal of incinerator and construction of power generation facility at the Shinmoji Plant of Japan Waste Corporation.
  • 2.Renewal of incinerator at the Hibiki Plant of Japan Waste Corporation.
  • 3.Construction of incinerator at the Taniyama Rinkai Plant of Japan Waste Corporation.

The funds have been used to help promote the folloing SDGs.

Rating GA 1 : Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I)
Underwriter MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Third-party Eligibility Assessment

Eligibility of the Green Bond As for the eligibility of this Green Bond and its third-party evaluation, Rating and Investment Information, Inc., has given it a "GA1" rating, the highest rating for R&I Green Bond Assessment.
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