Philosophy and Logo

The Asahi Way

The ARE Holdings Group has established the Asahi Way as a set of values for all employees.
The Asahi Way is made up of Purpose, Our Credo, Our Corporate Values, Our Employee Principles, and the Group Code of Conduct.

The Asahi Way drives the Group's sustainable growth and improves corporate value over the medium to long term, and directors and management executives take the lead by serving as role models who put it into practice.


"Totally Committed to Protecting the Natural Environment and Preserving Resources"

Our Credo

We conserve limited natural resources, preserve the global environment, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable world.

Our Corporate Values

Cooperation with stakeholders

We constantly seek to earn even greater trust from shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, and local communities as we work to preserve the natural environment.

Corporate governance with a balance of protective and proactive measures

We boldly promote growth strategies and business reform while securing transparency in decision-making and properly managing risk.

No growth without profit

We realize long-term improvement of shareholder value by ensuring the entire group grows and is profitable.

Trusted corporate brand

We aim to be widely recognized as an exemplary corporate group and to build a brand that will be trusted over many years.

Addressing diverse risks

We strive to minimize risks and avert disasters by taking daily safety measures in workplaces and by constantly working to prevent accidents

Highly motivated employees

We promote work-life balance for employees and continuously improve working environments and conditions.

Strong sense of mission and high ethical standards

We strive to be an organization where employees take pride in their own work and executives maintain a strong sense of mission and high ethical standards.

Being a company of good people

We value good employees over the long-term; our vision of a "good employee" is a person who is not self-centered and who contributes to mutual prosperity and the development of the business.

Our Employee Principles

Innovate and embrace challenges
Put safety first
Maintain high quality
Promptly report (especially bad news)
Build trust and connection

The ARE Holdings Group Code of Conduct

#1 We comply with all laws and regulations

#2 We respect the dictates of social norms and our own conscience

#3 We treat everyone equally, regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, religion, or other characteristics

#4 We refrain from conducting any political or religious activities in the workplace

#5 We treat customers with sincerity

#6 We practice fair competition and optimal decision-making when selecting business partners

#7 We respect the confidential information obtained through our work and avoid disclosing it externally

#8 We refrain from providing or receiving meals or gifts in pursuit of personal benefit

#9 We act for the greater good, not for personal or affiliated parties' gain

#10 We focus on the actual sites, actual things, and actual facts

Group's logo

ARE Holdings group's logo

The A in "ARE" stands for "Asahi", the R for "Resources", and the "E" for "Environment".
By engraving the Purpose of being "Totally Committed to the Protecting the Natural Environment and the Preserving Resources" into ARE and using a circular motif for the "R" in the center of the logo, we put our thought to move straight toward the realization of the circular economy.

ARE Holdings group's logo


We promote the globalization of business to meet changing needs by developing high-quality products and services backed by outstanding precious metal recycling and refining technology, recycling technology for a wide variety of waste materials, and other industry-leading proprietary technology for Japan, the rest of Asia, North America, and other countries and regions around the world.

Responding to constantly changing global conditions and business needs, we are building an Asahi brand trusted for high quality backed by management and technological capabilities that pursue growth.

With a mindset of innovation and embracing challenges, we will achieve long-term growth for the company and the Group, while conserving limited natural resources and working to preserve the global environment.

Eight Factors That Support Value Creation

  • Ability to Adapt to Change

    The Group's growth has been driven by our employees, who share the group-wide values of the Asahi Way, deeply value trust and connections, and are motivated by a passion for innovation and embracing challenges. The Group proactively invests in human resources and continues to develop highly motivated employees.

  • Management Capabilities for Business Regeneration

    Over the past 20 years, we have brought more than 20 companies into the group through mergers and acquisitions and improved corporate management. Utilizing our flexible management capabilities matched to specific business environments, nearly all of our companies enjoy better performance than before joining the group. We will continue working to further improve performance.

  • Industry-Leading Unique Technologies

    We are proud of the original technologies we have developed. These include technologies for recovering precious metals with high efficiency that leverage our advanced analytical capabilities, technologies for properly processing various industrial waste materials, and technologies for product development based on accurate ascertainment of customer needs.
    Through constant research and development, the Group continues to enhance its unique technologies in each of its business fi elds.

  • Trusted Asahi Brand

    The Asahi Group's precious metal products are highly regarded throughout the world for their reliable quality. We are committed to building a trusted Asahi brand by continuing to provide high quality products and services in all of our businesses.

  • Highly Motivated Employees

    The Group's growth has been driven by our employees, who share the group-wide values of the Asahi Way, deeply value trust and connections, and are motivated by a passion for innovation and embracing challenges. The Group proactively invests in human resources and continues to develop highly motivated employees.

  • Globally Expanding Network

    Since establishing a subsidiary in Malaysia in 1994, the Group has continued to expand in Asia by setting up sites in South Korea, China, and Taiwan.
    In 2015, we acquired a refining business in North America through a merger and acquisition, expanding our target customer base to countries around the world.

  • Good Relationships with Stakeholders

    We actively engage in dialogue with investors and listen to our customers and business partners to strengthen governance and develop our products and services. We value the mutual trust we have with our employees and with the local community and work to increase our long-term corporate value.

  • Substantial Market Share

    Our highest priority is to satisfy our customers and business partners, and we have worked hard to improve our products and services. Our sales and technical capabilities that meet a wide range of needs have earned us the trust of our customers and enabled us to acquire a strong market share.