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Stakeholder contributions

We make our social contributions through various activities as a good corporate citizen that should coexist in harmony with society.

Asahi Holdings Group emphasizes coexistence with societies as our basic principle.
We focus on enhancing our compliance and corporate governance, which leads to our effective response to society's trust and expectation through contribution as corporate citizens.


We make efforts to provide detailed responses to the wide-ranging needs of each of our customers under our motto that “customers come first”

Initiatives to Improve Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We periodically conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys. We survey the level of satisfaction with our business activities as a whole, and then improve upon problem areas based on the results of the reports. Hereafter, we will continue conducting periodic surveys and working to improve customer satisfaction.

Fair trade initiatives

Our group articulates “Prohibition of Acts That Compromise Fair Competition”, “Confidentiality of Supplier Information and Technology”, “Prohibition of Inappropriate Offering/Receiving of Benefits” in the Asahi Way and other rules, to ensure fair trade practices and compliance with corporate ethics.

Quality Assurance System

ISO9001 Certificate

We hold a Quality Assurance Meeting that is led by the Quality Assurance Division through an amalgamation of our Sales Division, Technology Development Division, and Product Manufacturing Division. Through this meeting we share information such as customer opinions and market trends in our efforts to improve customer satisfaction. In addition, in order to provide customers with products that earn greater reassurance and satisfaction from customers, we have acquired ISO9001 certification and strive to make continuous improvements to our quality management system and maintenance and enhancement of quality. In March 2010, we integrated the certifications of four bases which acquired ISO9001 certification and started operation of a company-wide uniform quality managementsystem. Furthermore, Asahi Pretec also makes efforts to reduce the environmental burden while giving consideration to “green procurement” and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive, which is a European regulations on chemical substances.

Acquisition of ISO 9001 approval

  • Asahi Pretec Co., Ltd.
  • Technical Research Center
  • Fukuoka Plant
  • Ehime Plant
  • Saitama Plant

Risk Management System for Information Leakage

Data deletion using an exclusive software

We employ the latest security measures on PCs and tablet-type devices used by sales persons. In case of the property loss or theft, we can reduce the possibility of information leakage close to as zero by means of deleting the information through remote operation.


Understanding and support for our business from people of the local community is indispensable for us since we develope our business operation across the county. To be a company that coexists with society as a corporate citizen, we carry out activities that are rooted in communities in various ways.

Our Initiative Activities

We, Asahi Holdings Group, carry out activities that are rooted in communities in various ways.

Forest Project of Kobe Association of Corporate Executive
We participate in “Forest Project of Kobe Association of Corporate Executive (KACE)”, a volunteer program hosted by KACE.
Adopt Program in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Fukuoka office participates in a volunteer program, “Adopt Program in Koga City”
Registration as a Place for “Refuge for Children Dial 110”
Aomori office has registered and conducted a volunteer activity, called “Refuge for Children Dial 110”, for the children's safety in the community.
Adopt Program in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Forest Project of Kobe Association of Corporate Executive
Registration as a Place for “Refuge for Children Dial 110”

Social Contributions Through Business Activities

©V. Dupont/Medecins Du Monde
Medical assistance by Medecins Du Monde

We agree with the purpose and support the activities of the 8020 Promotion Foundation for the 8020 Campaign (a campaign to still have over 20 of one's own teeth upon reaching the age of 80). We also recycle the removed teeth crowns collected by dental clinics that agree with the purpose of the cooperating organization for reproducing precious metals such as gold and palladium. The net profits obtained from sales of these precious metals are made available as funds to assist the activities of various cooperating organizations.

Major organizations that our company assists

  • The 8020 Promotion Foundation
  • Medecins Du Monde Japon, a Specified NPO
    (Provides medical assistance to people suffering from wars and natural disasters)
  • Nippon Foundation ("TOOTH FAIRY" Project)
  • The Japan Cleft Palate Foundation, a Specified NPO
    (Provides medical assistance to children with oral handicaps such as cleft lips and palates)
Medecins Du Monde Japon,
a Specified NPO
Nippon Foundation
The Japan Cleft Palate Foundation, a Specified NPO


Medical Support by Free Operation for Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate in Vietnam
3,000 people with cleft lip and palate. Asahi Pretec, as a cooperative company, has carried out support activities through our precious metal recycling business. Our assistance activities were highly appreciated and we received a letter of appreciation from Principal of Hanoi Medical University at an international convention, which was held in Hanoi by commemorating the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan.
Factory tour for elementary school students
In Osaka plant which is the manufacturing base of Fujiiryoki, factory tour is conducted for elementary school students. Manufacturing process and history of massage chair including the world's first production-model massage chair the "Fuji Automatic Massage Machine" are shown in the tour.
Awards ceremony at the convention


We aim to create a livable and cohesive workplace through respect for the individuals and daily work. Also, we are providing various support so that each and every employee can bring out the best in their work and find their duties “rewarding” and “fulfilling”

Creating an Environment Where People Can Work Free from Anxiety

Employee General Meeting

An employee general meeting is held every year. At the meeting, a message from CEO, the previous fiscal year's performance results and the priority issues of the current fiscal year are presented. Also a panel discussion between top management and employees are implemented.

Mental Healthcare

We believe mental health care is vital for the employees' productivity and the improvement of vitality. We provide an individual consultation and a preventive seminar working with an industrial physician with expertise in mental healthcare.

Our Healthcare Administration

Regular physical examination programs (e.g. checkup for preventing lifestyle-related disease, checkup for people engaged in designated operations, and general medical checkup), which are required by law, are offered to all employees. For those aged 45 or above and all managers, a comprehensive medical checkup program is offered. We also support medical checkups for brain and PET scans for early detection of cancer upon requests from eligible employees.
100% of the employees go through these routine checkups, which shows that both the company and the employees are committed to improving health, preventing disease, and detecting early symptoms.

Self-assessment system

Once a year, all employees are asked to carry out a written self assessment on topics including how effectively they are using their abilities, their suitability for their roles, their feelings of challenge and accomplishment, and the atmosphere in their workplace, and are invited to write about their desired career path. The report card also includes a checklist to self-diagnose the degree of fatigue accumulation. The completed self assessments are submitted directly to the HR department, which works together with employees' managers and supervising directors in order to adjust personnel assignments, improve the work atmosphere, and promote a feeling of rewarding and encouraging work.

Childcare Leave

The Company supports the balance between birth, childcare and nursing care of family members and work. We support working patterns suited to the lifestyles of employees by shortening working hours specified in the childcare leave system.

Interviews for all employees

Every three years, individual interviews are conducted for all employees. Employees are asked about their current work environment and their jobs in the interview. In order to improve the working environment by taking into account the work-life balance for each employee, employees are advised to maintain an appropriate workload as well as appropriate number of working hours.

Holiday for Refreshment

We provide a welfare benefit plan, "holiday for refreshment", where employees can take 3 to 5-consecutive-day holiday every year from the 2nd year after joining the company. Added to the weekends, 9-consecutive-day vacation can be taken. Employees can enjoy spending time with family in traveling and doing hobbies.

Employee Survey

Every three years, an “employee surveyl” is given to all company employees. This survey is carried out in order to grasp objectively employees' satisfaction, attitudes, values and recognition of corporate culture concerning workplace, assignment, supervisors and the company. The survey results are used to promote the further development of the organization and its employees.

Employment of Disabled Persons

Employees with impairment engage in each job at the same workplace with healthy people.

Supporting Company Club Activities

Communication between colleagues and clients is enhanced through club activities such as baseball and futsal.

Fostering Human Resources

Educational System

Our company provides education from the time they join the company (Training upon joining the company and Step-up Training), as well as education program for selective human resources by rank (Presentations by new graduate employees, Selective Leader Training, Training for new general managers of office and Administrator Training). In addition to which we also instill each individual with the practical knowledge needed by professional human resources through training by division and technical ability education. We have also established training programs which make it possible to nurture specialized capabilities.

Promoting Safety and Health Activities

Initiatives for OSHMS

It is essential to nip disasters in the bud by focusing on the innumerable risks latent in the workplace and such risks in advance so as to reduce the number of industrial accidents. Our company aims to improve the safety and health standards of our workplaces by incorporating the reasoning behind the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS*) and reducing risks. Our OSHMS is based upon reducing workplace risks by repeatedly applying the PDCA Cycle. This is a sequential cycle which runs from “establishing a plan” based on assessments of factors contributing to risk and hazards (Plan) -> “implementing the plan” (Do) -> “evaluating the results of the plan” (Check) -> “revisions and improvements based on the evaluation” (Act).

Environmental Safety Education

Environmental safety education is conducted as part of the Human Resource Fostering Program in the employee training system , in which attitudes toward conducting a safety work and basic knowledge of hazardous substances are educated. Furthermore, we also incorporate a role-play discussion into the education assuming a specific emergency situation such as fire breaking-out during working hours. We also devise means to enable individuals to correctly understand the actions that should be taken at the actual work site.

Responding to Emergencies

As safety measures, we examine risks in business activities closely and decide a "Safety Promotion Administrator" at each site in order to prevent accidents/problems. In addition, we organize a system properly for a prompt response in the event that something unexpected occurs. As a means of internal and external response at the time of emergency, we have prepared "Management Manual for Emergency " and also distributed "Manual at the time of Accident and Disaster " to all employees, which stipulates guidelines at the initial stage of accident and disaster.

Safety Commendation Activities

We make an effort to enhance our awareness for safety and every year some business sites and employees are commended for their contribution to their outstanding achievement at the general meeting of employees.

Creating Vital Workplaces Through Small Group Activities

We implement Asahi Small Group Activities (what we call "ASG Activities") with voluntary and indepent-minded participation from employees within the same workplace. Through these activities, participants use their creativity to work toward solving issues and problems within their workplace. Groups with outstanding efforts are awarded at the general meeting of employees.


Project for Accident Eradication
Social demand for safety has steadily been increasing year by year while we have promoted proactively to extract, improve and reduce potential risks at the workplace.

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