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Reseach & Development

The Technical Research Center of Asahi Pretec carries out R&D, analysis and equipment design for all of our group companies, and thereby supports the technology of the Asahi Holdings Group.

Precious Metal Recycling

The center is developing technology related to precious metal recycling and environmental preservation. In the electronics field in particular, we are conducting development and equipment design for gold recovery from waste circuit boards and plating solutions. We are also developing precious metal recovery equipment employing detachment and washing of precious metals deposited on components of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and similar systems.

Environmental Preservation

At the Center, we are expanding our detoxification treatment in areas including incineration and coagulation settling, and developing technologies for recovery and recycling of valuable materials such as precious and rare metals. At the same time, we are working to develop new technologies for a variety of wastes in order to reduce environmental burdens and create a recycling-oriented society.

Life & Health

In developing massage chairs and air-conditioning systems, we carry out painstaking design of mechanisms and systems to ensure human comfort. We develop equipment for more fulfilling daily life through both scientific verification and verification based on bodily perceptions.

North America Refining

We have enhanced our technology, and are providing support for production of high-purity gold and silver from materials containing various impurities. We achieve this by combining wet refining technology we have developed in Japan with dry refining technology for gold and silver possessed by our North American plant. In addition, we provide technical support for introduction and utilization of new refining technologies and simplified automated lines.

Technical Research Center (Kobe city)

Examples of Recent Development

Recovery of neodymium magnets from hybrid vehicles

Magnets employing the rare metal neodymium are used in the drive motors of hybrid electric vehicles [HEVs]. However, drive motors in scrapped HEVs are currently disposed of as steel scrap, and the neodymium magnets used as components are not recovered. With support from NEDO, our center has developed simple equipment for recovering neodymium magnets from drive motors.

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