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Corporate Philosophy and Logo

Corporate Philosophy

Group's logo

Asahi Holdings group's logo

The group’s logo uses a spiral shape as a motif to signify our corporate stance in seeking “environmental preservation through recycling”, a feature of our business, and also means continuity and growth. The arrowheads stretching upward and downward symbolize our being an advanced and cutting-edge company. The three colors of blue, red and green each respectively signifies “clean water and sky”, “the energy of human activities” and “beautiful nature and forests”.

Our thought put into three colors

  • "Fresh Blue" represents clean water and sky, putting our thoughts for sustaining clean water and sky through recycling business of metal resources
  • "Energy Red" represents a source of energy for human's activities, putting our thoughts for actively keeping business growth by energetic people
  • "Natural Green" represents beautiful nature and forests, putting our thoughts for protecting the Earth's environment through environmental preservation business

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