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Group History

1952 Founded Asahi Chemical Laboratory.
Started silver recycling business from photographic fixing solutions. The photography industry expanded significantly along with the rapid economic growth, and the demand for silver increased in industries related to silver for photosensitive materials
1968 Kobe Plant constructed in Higashi-Nada-Ku, Kobe
1969 Introduced our own electrolytic silver recycling equipment ahead of the industry, making it possible to recycle silver with efficiency and high purity
1974 Opened Fukuoka Office. Thereafter followed by offices and plants throughout the country
1975 Acquired Industrial waste disposal license from Kobe City
(Detoxification of Photographic Effluent Treatment)
Developed a compact electrolytic silver recovery device "PLATA"
1978 Completed Head Office building in Higashi-Nada-Ku, Kobe
Registration of environmental measurement certication office
1982 Launched precious metal recycling business in the field of dental
Determined the diversification of precious metal recycling business foreseeing the reduction of the photo effluent treatment market
1984 Launched precious metal recycling business in the field of plating solution
1986 Launched precious metal recycling business in the field of electronics components and jewelryDeveloped compact electrolytic gold collection equipment "ZIPANG"
1990 Entered into environmental preservation business other than photographic effluents
1994 Established Asahi G&S Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia
1997 Merged five group companies and changed their names into Asahi Pretec Corp.
1998 Transferred headquarters operations to Sannomiya, Kobe City
Established Technical Research CenterStarted manufacturing of dental alloy
1999 Acquisition of ISO9002 certification with Technical Research Center
(Changed registration to ISO9001 in 2002)
Made initial public stock offering on over-the-counter market
2000 Acquisition of ISO14001 certification with Technical Research Center
Entered into indium refinery full operations
Listed on the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Ex-change
2002 Promoted to the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
The 50th Anniversary
2003 Established Shanghai Asahi Pretec Co., Ltd. in China
2004 Acquired Nihon Chemitech Co., Ltd.
2005 Expanded auto-catalyst recycle business
2006 Acquired Iyotec Co., Ltd.
Established Asahi Pretec Korea Co., Ltd. in Korea
2007 Established the Tokyo Head Office in Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Acquired Taiyo Chemical Co., Ltd.
2008 Established Japan Waste Corporation
Acquired Fuji Rozai Co., Ltd.
2009 Established Asahi Holdings,Inc.
2010 Acquired Ecomax Co., Ltd. Opened Yokohama Office of Japan Waste Corporation
Established Jungju Factory of Asahi Pretec Korea Co., Ltd. and launched dental business in Korea
2011 Launched E-scrap business
Acquired Kyodo Chemical Co., Ltd.
2012 Acquired INTER CENTRAL, INC.
2013 Established Asahi Pretec Taiwan Co., Ltd. in Taiwan
Established a joint-venture, Asahi Shih Her Technologies Co., Ltd. in Taiwan
Established Taiwan Factory of Asahi Pretec Taiwan Co., Ltd.
2014 Acquired KOEIKOGYO CO., LTD.
Launched Life and Health business
Established Asahi Americas Holdings, Inc.
2015 Acquired Asahi Refining USA Inc. & Asahi Refining Canada Ltd.

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