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Precious Metal Business

There are a wide variety of fields and regions in which recyclable material for precious metals can be collected.

Utilizing overseas locations and domestic sales networks that cover the entire country, we efficiently collect and recycle precious metals and rare metal resources from various industry fields such as electronics, auto catalysts, liquid crystal display, dental, jewelry, and photography.

Precious and rare metals which we collect by the precious metal business

Plating Treatment
Precision Cleaning

Processes of precious metals collection and recycling

Environmental Preservation Business

Working as waste disposal experts towards the realization of a sustainable, recycling-oriented society.

We detoxify and properly dispose of each type of waste, contributing to the solution of geoenvironmental issues. Group companies under the umbrellas of Asahi Pretec and Japan Waste meet diverse customer needs through the provision of unique technologies cultivated over many years.

Wastes which we recycle by the environmental preservation business

Recycling of waste oil and sludge
Wood waste recycling
Fire-proof brick recycling
Glass recycling
Organic waste liquid and sludge recycling

Processes of industrial waste disposal and recycling

Life & Health Business

By "Providing equipment and systems for better life and health", we meet the current needs of our society having rising health conscioustrends and the increase in the elderly.

Contributing to people's pleasant lifestyles and good healthWe, the Asahi Holdings Group, in order to meet the needs of a society that is aging and increasingly concerned with health, as is expected in Japan, and to help people achieve pleasant lifestyles and good health, aim to grow our life and health business through a three-company network centered on Fujiiryoki, which joined the Group in fiscal 2014. We shall carry out aggressive business development, including global markets, of this third pillar of the Asahi Holdings Group's sustained growth.

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