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Environmental Preservation Business

Business areas

Licenses acquired by our Group

Working as waste disposal experts towards the realization of a sustainable, recycling-oriented society.

We detoxify and properly dispose of each type of waste, contributing to the solution of geoenvironmental issues. Group companies under the umbrellas of Asahi Pretec and Japan Waste meet diverse customer needs through the provision of unique technologies cultivated over many years.

Industrial waste collection transportation license All prefectures and government ordinance cities
Industrial waste disposal license 12 prefectures and 8 government ordinance cities
Specially-controlled industrial waste collection transportation license All prefectures and government ordinance cities
Specially-controlled industrial waste disposal license 10 prefectures and 7 government ordinance cities
Certified company as the environmentally sound management of hazardous wastes (Asahi Pretec) All prefectures and government ordinance cities
(Japan Waste) 22 prefectures and 4 government ordinance cities
  • *as of March 31,2019
  • *In April 2011, laws concerning industrial waste management were revised and a recognition system for excellent industrial waste management companies was newly created. Prefectures and government ordinance offices select companies which conform to their strict standards such as ability for implementation of operations, actual performance, etc. Our group companies will pursue for acquiring the certification to organize our systems so that customers can contract business without anxiety.

Business fields supporting recycling

We develop one-stop solution for various wastes within our group.

Recycling of waste oil and sludge

Based on analysis results, various kinds of waste oil and liquid waste are blended in an optimal formula, and the ingredients are adjusted to produce supplementary fuels used in cement production and waste incineration. Furthermore, sludge and burnt residues are also recycled into cement materials by adjusting their ingredients and moisture and by kneading. Thoroughgoing analysis is also performed upon receiving and shipping for its quality maintenance control as qualified recycled materials.

Wood waste recycling

Wood chips made from crushing demolition wastes and other wood wastes are recycled into biomass generation fuels and particleboards.

Fire-proof brick recycling

Disused fire-proof bricks produced from demolished furnaces of glass manufacturing and periodic repair work of incinerators are carefully separated and treated with the aim of recycling for reuse as fire-proof bricks and paving materials.

Glass recycling

We collect sheet glass and glass bottles from glass manufacturers, sash manufacturers and local municipalities. Sheet glass scraps and glass bottles collected are reused and sold for high-quality glass cullet after separation and crushing at our plant. Glass scraps which are not usable for glass materials are recycled as paving materials. Through glass recycling, we are helping to prevent exhaustion of mineral resources and reduce the environmental burden.

Organic waste liquid and sludge recycling

Organic food waste liquids discharged from food manufacturing plants and restaurant chains are neutralized and dewatered. The filtered liquid is purified by microbial treatment to less than the emission standard value and then discharged into sewers. Sludge, after composting through fermentation and maturing process, are made an effective use by farmers as organic fertilizer.

Technology that creates trust

Pursue new possibilities with our own unique technologies.

Excellent technology make various treatment.

Treatment of Specified Hazardous Waste Acid,Waste Alkaline and Waste Reagents

It is necessary to appropriately treat waste acid and waste alkaline discharged from plants and business offices and waste reagents which are unnecessary at laboratories and institutes of universities and private companies. These various kinds of waste are treated for detoxification in the dedicated facilities at each plant by utilizing technology which has been cultivated over many years by our group under thorough safety management procedures. Waste is separately stored in containers in accordance with classification standards of our group and measures are taken to prevent abnormal reactions during collection, transportation and storage. We analyze and provide appropriate treatment of waste reagent with a bottle being peeled off label,which precludes the gauge of the content.

High-Speed Microbial
Treatment of Waste Acid/Alkaline and Sludge

After removing hazardous substances from waste liquids from plants and offices, even if liquids contain nitrogen and phosphorus,they are detoxified and purified to under environmental management standards value for water discharge by our original technology, such as microbial treatment, etc., and are discharged. In particular, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are lower than the ones of other treatment methods.Sludge after neutralization and dewatering of waste liquids are reused for raw materials of non-ferrous metals and steel. Some sludge which cannot be recycled is sent for landfill disposal.

Concreting of
Hazardous Substances

Some wastes from incinerators that contain burnt residues, dust, sludge and harmful substances (heavy metal such as arsenic, lead, chrome, selenium, etc. and dioxin.)may not be suited for recycling. We process concrete with waste into a solidified form(insoluble) in such a way that harmful substances will not be eluted. We possess original facilities and technologies that prevent harmful substances from eluting into the natural environment even under powerful acidic conditions.

Safe and hygienic incineration which can treat specially-controlled industrial wastes

Labor-saving operations is realized by central control of each automated equipment. In addition, medical wastes are treated safe and hygienic way by casting into the furnace through specialized automatic provision line. We can treat various kinds of industrial wastes, which can be solid to fluid, efficiently and precisely.

The foundation supporting business

Striving for providing high-value added services in a variety of field,we promptly meet the diversified and sophisticated needs of our customers through disposal technology that is especially suited to each industry.

We have acquired permission for the collection, transportation,and intermediate treatment of most articles of industrial waste and specially controlled industrial waste, and have created a structure that allows us to dispose of such waste appropriately and promptly. Furthermore, we are promoting the establishment of distinguished detoxification and disposal technology and working towards one-stop solution within our group in the environmental preservation business.

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